About us

The people. The places. Learn more about how we all work together to keep the places we call home as healthy and diverse as ever.

What we do

Since 1990, the South Alabama Land Trust has protected more than 10,800 acres of critical plant and animal habitat, coastal lands, the edges along creeks, rivers, and bays, clean water, and the scenic beauty that defines coastal Alabama. We protect our natural resources.

As a nation, a state, and a community, our responsibility to future generations includes protecting the lands and water we depend upon. How we invest today will determine in what shape we leave this to our children and grandchildren.

By working with willing landowners, we protect the water quality in creeks, rivers, and bays, and the habitat for native and sometimes rare plant and wildlife species. We protect and restore wetlands that are critical to reducing storm surge and coastal flooding, and lands that can provide public access to trails and nature walks.

In partnership with the Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, we provide support for environmental education grades K-12, professional development for teachers, and summer activities for all ages. Plant identification nature walks, birding trips, and guided paddle trips play an important role in our efforts to connect people with the land and water.