Land stewardship–the conservation of a property’s natural resources and features over a long period of time–is as important as acquiring the land in the first place.

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Monitoring every property under our protection

South Alabama Land Trust is accredited by the Land Trust Alliance, a national organization. One of the most important requirements of attaining accreditation is that of property monitoring. SALT is also legally responsible for annually monitoring every tract of land under its protection, whether owned or held in conservation easement, and reporting any signs of encroachment, presence of invasive species, significant natural occurrences, and the presence of noteworthy or threatened species.

For land that SALT owns through fee simple purchase, we strive to protect the property’s conservation values in accordance with a management plan for each property.

Lands held in conservation easements are protected forever. As the holder of the conservation easement, we are committed to the permanent protection of each property’s conservation values. The annual monitoring follows a baseline document and reports to the property owner any issues that require remediation or that violate the terms of the conservation easement.