Mission and vision

Like a river, South Alabama Land Trust’s vision flows through the region, gaining momentum—and fostering new growth—all along the way. We are proud to share our mission, vision, and core values that will guide our work for years to come.

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Our promise to you

Our Mission

South Alabama Land Trust protects land and promotes environmental education in coastal Alabama so current and future residents can enjoy clean water and the marine life, wildlife, and outdoor recreation that define our area. 

Our Vision

SALT seeks to protect the fabric and character of coastal Alabama’s waterways, wetlands, and landscape forever and for the benefit of all. We work to conserve the rich bio-diversity of this region, its scenic and recreational heritage, and to support the mutual success of thriving wildlife, healthy watersheds, lifestyle, tourism, and economy. We work to ensure the perpetual stewardship of protected lands, and strive to engage the community in celebrating, enjoying, and enhancing coastal Alabama.

At the heart of our vision is a vital land trust – one that is a treasured resource and that works hand-in-hand with the community and local, regional, and national conservation partners to protect and care for the places we love. SALT will evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of land, watersheds, and community, and continue to be a respected community institution with a broad base of support and the financial independence to fulfill our commitments.

All community members benefit from the permanent protection of our region’s spectacular scenic water ways, woodlands, natural habitats, and resources. Whether it’s taking advantage of the numerous recreational opportunities, experiencing the richness and diversity of the landscape, or enjoying the scenic wetland qualities of coastal Alabama, residents and visitors will know that SALT has played a significant role in enabling these experiences.

As a “Friends” group to the Weeks Bay Estuarine Research Reserve, we envision people from the immediate area, from the state, and from across the country drawn to Weeks Bay and the Reserve for its abundant wildlife and natural beauty.

We envision local, state, and federal governments understanding the importance of the Reserve and the watershed, and acting as agents that proactively protect these resources.  SALT will continue to educate the public and area decision-makers on the importance of the watershed, so they can make informed decisions and play a more positive role in the policies that impact these waters; and, will offer topic-specific educational and recreational outings to community members of all ages.

Our Core Values

Values matter, and at our core we will live our values through our commitments to the community and to each other.

Community: SALT inspires and brings people together to explore, learn about, and care for the land that makes and supports coastal Alabama. We work to ensure that everyone is able to access and enjoy the beauty and health of coastal Alabama’s natural environment. We strive to include all members of the community in our work.

Sustainability: SALT is a leader in promoting the protection and wise use of its region’s waterways, wetlands, woodlands, recreation, and other natural habitats and resources for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

Partnership: SALT cooperates and collaborates with other organizations and individuals to accomplish shared goals. We believe we can accomplish more by working together than alone. Our network is broad and diverse.

Legacy: SALT does conservation work for future generations. Our vision is long-term, and we commit to care for conserved lands now and forever.

Integrity: SALT is respectful, transparent, and trustworthy in all our interactions and transactions. We always put public benefit before private gain.