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Every inch of land has a relationship with water, whether it’s paved or not. Where the rainfalls, how the water flows, how to manage stormwater.

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Stormwater management

Stormwater detention areas are built to safely hold stormwater that runs off from impervious surfaces during heavy rain events. This reduces the flow into rivers and streams during storms and decreases flooding. Unfortunately, if these structures are not inspected, maintained, and managed correctly, they can increase flooding, cause a safety hazard, and negatively affect property values.

As a homeowner or member of a Homeowners’ Association, you have a responsibility to keep your neighborhood’s pond in good working condition. This guide and checklist will help you ensure that your stormwater structure is able to handle rainy Gulf Coast seasons.

Build A Birdhouse Predator Guard

Keep your birdhouses safe from predators in a few simple steps