2019 Weeks Bay Photo Contest winners announced

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November 18, 2019
Contact: Diana Brewer
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Weeks Bay Foundation announces 2019 Photo Contest winners

FAIRHOPE, AL — There is natural beauty throughout coastal Alabama. In the way the sunlight touches a leaf, or a baby sea turtle takes its first steps on the snow-white sand. Perhaps it’s the petals of a Spider Lily, or the majestic Brown Pelican as it glides low across the water.

“We are fortunate to have local photographers among us who capture these images so we can share them with the community through our Weeks Bay Photo Contest,” Yael Girard, executive director of the Weeks Bay Foundation said. “The images they capture—of flora, fauna, habitats, and people out enjoying nature—underscore why it is so important to protect our natural resources.” It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of the 2019 Weeks Bay Photo Contest.

For the first time in the contest’s 19-year history, Best in Show was awarded to a junior, Mason Lamb, for his “Friendly Toads” in the Junior-Fauna category. The junior division is for participants 16 and under.

The winning photos were selected by judges Rodney Kilgore, Georgia Sims, and Joe “Brody” Thomassen from among 240 photographs submitted. The Adult and Junior divisions are Flora, Fauna, Habitat and People in Nature. The winning photos will be available for viewing on the Weeks Bay Foundation website (weeksbay.org), at the Five Rivers Apalachee Exhibit Hall, and to-be-determined locations in 2020.


The winners are:

  • Best in show – Mason Lamb, Junior Fauna (pictured)

Junior Fauna

  • 1st Place – Taylor Goodrich
  • 2nd Place – John John Normann
  • 3rd Place – Sophia Haines
  • Honorable mention – Sophia Haines

Junior Flora

  • 1st Place – Sophia Haines
  • 2nd Place – Maggie Paul
  • 3rd Place – John John Normann
  • Honorable mention – Grace Williams

Junior Habitat

  • 1st Place – Audrey Haines
  • 2nd Place – Maggie Paul
  • 3rd Place – Sophia Haines
  • Honorable mention – Mary Mac Estes

Junior Pin

  • 1st Place – Sophia Haines
  • 2nd Place – Mason Lamb
  • 3rd Place – Mary Mac Estes
  • Honorable mention – Mason Lamb

Open Fauna

  • 1st Place – Laurie Schaerer
  • 2nd Place – Mark Watts
  • 3rd Place – Jessica McAlpine
  • Honorable mention – Beth Tattersall

Open Flora

  • 1st Place – Karen Chiasson
  • 2nd – Place – Kathy Peace
  • 3rd Place – Jessica McAlpine
  • Honorable mention – Kathy Peace

Open Habitat

  • 1st Place – Wayne Anders
  • 2nd Place – Beth
  • 3rd Place – Gwen Ainsworth
  • Honorable mention – Wayne Anders

Open Pin

  • 1st Place – Belinda Ringpfeil
  • 2nd Place – Laurie Schaerer
  • 3rd Place – Jeff Hosterman
  • Honorable mention – Brent Eanes