South Alabama Land Trust Photo Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 contest, and invite you to view the winners in the video below.

Every year, South Alabama Land Trust invites amateur photographers from across coastal Alabama to submit photos that showcase the natural beauty throughout coastal Alabama . . . the way the sunlight touches a leaf, or a baby sea turtle takes its first steps on snow-white sand.  The images the photographers capture help underscore why it is critically important that we protect our natural resources.

Winning photos are seen throughout the year, with photo credit, in SALT publications, on our website, and in social media. 

2021 Photo Contest Winners

Best in Show - Stillwell Bacon

Junior Cellphone 

1st place – Jayce Adams  

2nd place – Garrek Snell 

3rd place – Dena Rowe 

Junior People in Nature 

1st place – Luke Ferguson  

2nd place – Samuel Carpenter 

3rd place – Anna Grace Spitzer 

Junior Habitat 

1st place – Samuel Carpenter  

2nd place – Aiden Seward 

3rd place – Judge Kincaid Morris 

Junior Flora 

1st place – Caroline Ernest  

2nd place – Judge Kincaid Morris  

3rd place – Allysa Bullock 

Junior Fauna 

1st place – Claire Hamilton  

2nd place – Sophia Haines  

3rd place – Sophia Haines 

Adult Cellphone 

1st place – Marlee Mims  

2nd place – Kelli Green  

3rd place – Marlene Johnt 

Adult People in Nature 

1st place – Benjamin Rollings  

2nd place – Heather Elliott  

3rd place – Laurie Schaerer 

Adult Habitat 

1st place – Hallie Zimlich  

2nd place – Andrea Crenshaw  

3rd place – Caitlin Madison 

Adult Flora 

1st place – Jenna Crovo  

2nd place – Susan Hope Rouillier  

3rd place – Hallie Zimlich 

Adult Fauna 

1st place – Sean Grizzle  

2nd place – Karen Chiasson  

3rd place – Gwen Ainsworth